An incredible review from Short of the Week

"It’s also more than just a ‘bad man’ film. Rather, it’s exploring the fine line between great creative work and cruelty. The director is very much a ‘rockstar’ and you can see his cast wanting to believe his mood swings are the necessary evils of a genius, rather than just being straight evil.

“Gullifer does an excellent job of showing this emotional dichotomy through character—it’s the subtle way the protagonist tries to smile politely and nod. We know she’s rationalizing toxic behavior and it makes your stomach turn. So, in the end, when she makes a climatic choice, it’s quite powerful, and, also, inspirational. This is a heavy short, but it also doesn’t really devolve into the overwrought or melodramatic scenes that you’d expect. Moments that could feel too big are handled with restraint."

“Gullifer is clearly a talent to watch.”

This stellar review of TOMORROW, AND TOMORROW, AND TOMORROW from Short of the Week made my heart sing.

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