Writing with a sense of urgency

I rely a lot on music as I write, and today I needed to write with a sense of urgency. Jed Kurzel's 'The Dream' from the SNOWTOWN soundtrack has been playing on repeat. I've actually been listening to a lot of his music lately. 

I've moved from treatment stage to working on the first draft of the screenplay. While there are still story and character elements that I need to iron out, it was getting to the point where I just needed to see it in script form.

We have a hot house development day in a week, and have to hand in as much as we've got on Tuesday ahead of it. So I'm working to get a full draft of the script done by then.

I may then revisit the treatment after I receive feedback on this screenplay draft. Seems a little backward, I know, but I've reached the point where I need to get a sense the screenplay's scope and shape and sound.