The age of Duplass

I'm a big fan of the Duplass brothers. I love their work, but even more than that, I love their approach to making work—making independent filmmaking, which can still be incredibly expensive, sustainable.

My last short film, MEAT, cost over $25,000 to make. More than half of that was personal investment from the producer and myself, and we're very proud of the film we made. But the reality is, that's just not sustainable. I'm not going to be able to find $25,000 every 1–2 years to make a short film where the return on investment is almost definitely going to be zero.

So, instead, I've been thinking about ways of approaching filmmaking and storytelling that are more sustainable and conducive to a long-term practice. Enter: the Duplass brothers.

Last year, I watched Mark Duplass' keynote speech from SXSW and it was incredibly empowering. Basically, it talks about going out and making things happen for yourself (not waiting for the cavalry to come and lift you up to greatness). I immediately sent it on to a bunch of my filmmaker and actor friends, telling them that they had to watch it.

This year they were back at SXSW and sat down for another recorded chat. It's worth a watch. 

By the way, their HBO show, TOGETHERNESS, is truly excellent. I'm yet to catch season 2 (waiting for its Australian iTunes release), but season 1 I loved.