"You get really good at crying and taking your clothes off"

Last year my friend, actress Matilda Ridgway, played Ophelia in Bell Shakespeare's nationally touring production of HAMLET. When asked, in a schools audience Q&A in Canberra, how she was able to cry on cue as Ophelia, she replied:

"Well, as a female actress you get really good at crying and taking your clothes off – sort of like how the male actors get really good at sword fighting and having all the dialogue."

I've been thinking a lot about Matilda's words as I've been developing my next project. I'm still working out what exactly it is so more on that soon, I hope.

What I loved about 'The Big Short'

I've been thinking a lot about THE BIG SHORT since I saw it last week. It's witty and smart and fun. And the editing is sexy as hell.

It makes me think of a David O. Russell quote I came across recently:

"You wanna make it seem alive and effortless and fun, but that's an art that took me 25 years to really learn. I wanted to do it very much 25 years ago, but I didn't know how."

In THE BIG SHORT, I liked that they acknowledged the act of storytelling – the points where they strayed from the truth, or really just needed to convey a piece of exposition.

And the crafted sense of anarchy. That I really loved.

Now let's make more films like this – but with diverse casts.