Jessica Abel

Idea debt

Last night I read an article about the concept of "idea debt" (via Austin Kleon's excellent weekly newsletter). 

Basically, it talks about that oh-so-easy trap of spending all your time thinking about your projects rather than actually doing them. Talking about your story ideas instead of writing them. 

It totally resonated.

I'm a big believer in letting ideas stew... mine often start as very different, very separate fragments/images/concepts and it takes a while to find the connections. Sometimes a very long while.

But there needs to come a point where I just start writing – before I know exactly where things are heading – because that's when I often make interesting and exciting discoveries. And that point is always sooner than I want it to be.

Yes, it can be uncomfortable. Yes, it can be painful. But here's to ripping off the bandaid and getting stuck in.