Sofia Coppola

I've always been inspired by the work of Sofia Coppola.

Back in 2013 when THE BLING RING first came out, a friend posted on Facebook that, despite usually loving Sofia Coppola's films, she'd found this one to be vapid. I'd loved it so this surprised me. I realised that what I'd experienced while watching it was a strong sense of recognition: I know those kids. I went to school with them.

Months later as I was writing the monologue that inspired MEAT, I thought a lot about that film and the idea that, privileged or not, a teenager left up to their own devices, unchecked and uncared for, will get into trouble.

A few weeks ago we read a scene from LOST IN TRANSLATION in a screenwriting class at VCA. I went home and read the whole screenplay. Some feature scripts are hard reads and require enormous concentration and will—this is not one of them. It's beautifully written; a masterclass in evocative big print. I'm not surprised it won the Oscar.

I've been struggling a lot in the weeks since to find the core of my current project, which I think in some ways is about being lost and searching for happiness. So I decided to revisit the opening of LOST IN TRANSLATION. Character, world, theme—it's all there.