Six months later

It's been a fair while since my last post. I've wanted to write before now but these last few months have been so full that it has been hard to wrangle the mess of thoughts into sentences.

Incredibly, this film that has been consuming every waking moment, is almost done. We head into the sound mix at VCA tomorrow, and will submit the "final" film for marking on Friday. Of course, it's not exactly the final version as we'll be completing an external grade and sound mix in October. But it's pretty close...

Quite simply, I've grown enormously making this film. Having MEAT as a point of reference this time around meant that I was able to gain significant insight into my own process, my own patterns, common threads.

Making a self-reflexive film about actors and their director also forced me to be critical about my own approach and examine my weaknesses and strengths. (And yes, a number of our cast and crew have suggested that Helmut, the fictional director in the film, is my alter-ego... what a scary thought!)

Most of all, I feel hugely grateful to have found such close and wonderful collaborators. Finding my people is something that's really important to me—and this film has driven home to me how lucky I am to be surrounded by such good people who have given me so much of their time, their talent and their trust. 

The film's not done yet, but we've come a long way since I first had the idea for the film, sitting in Hamer Hall at Sufjan Stevens' concert on Friday 26 February 2016. (Thanks for the ticket, Mum and Dad. I owe you one.)

Six months later, we're almost done.