Billy & Billie


After staying up late writing last night, and back-to-back meetings and lectures at film school today, this evening I was looking for something mushy to watch. Something I could turn on and tune out with.

Scrolling through Australian streaming service Stan's online offerings I found BILLY & BILLIE.

"Love is relative – and for step siblings Billy and Billie (played by Adam Brody and Lisa Joyce) drunkenly falling into bed together is just the beginning."

The poster and synopsis painted the picture of an easy-going and lighthearted rom-com series. Perfect, I thought. I'd give it an episode and turn it off if it was really dire.

Instead, I was surprised. The dialogue was sharp. The characters were caustic and funny, with great chemistry between Adam Brody and Lisa Joyce. And in the credits, I discovered why – writer and directer: Neil LaBute – a playwright whose dark and twisted work I've loved for years. No wonder the dialogue was so good. 

Don't believe me? Read this review from the Hollywood Reporter.