2017 // DRAMA // 14'20"
Super 16mm

A teenager’s loyalty is tested when he witnesses his mates commit a heinous act.

Written & Directed by W.A.M. Bleakley
Produced by Lucy Knox & Sunday Emerson Gullifer
Director of Photography Simon J. Walsh
Production Designer Daphne Do
Editor Paul Rowe
Composer Maxwell Riess
Sound Designer Nick Batterham

Starring Lincoln Vickery, Darcy Kent, Charles Grounds & Elliot Kerdel

Production Company Victorian College of the Arts


Finalist // Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films // Sydney Film Festival 2017


Sydney Film Festival 2017 (World Premiere)
Melbourne International Film Festival 2017
Cork Film Festival 2017 (International Premiere)
St Kilda Film Festival 2018
Brisbane International Film Festival 2018